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It takes great courage to excavate your soul and express yourself through a creative endeavour. Writing is a major commitment and while it will probably be one of the most worthwhile things you have ever done, it will stretch you in ways you could never have imagined. It’s so easy to give up, and many of the writers today are not necessarily more talented than you or I, they simply had the unwavering determination of a freight train, to keep on moving to the end of the line. On this journey you will meet yourself, your undesirable and unsupportive inner circle made up of the critic, the perfectionist, the victim, saboteur and many other unique individuals.  To have someone hold your hand through this journey, and support you to get to the other side, is vital.

As a mentor I use my creative writing, editing and journalistic skills to keep you on track, along with  my intuitive, counselling and visionary skills to support your journey. While helping you to get your story out and keep on going, I will also share powerful techniques to enhance your writing and access your creative expression.

One Session:  $95.00

Package of 3 Sessions:  $260.00


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