I write about spirituality, natural health, issues facing women, creativity and positive stories. Here are some feature articles I’ve had published in a range of media. There are also podcast interviews I’ve participated in. It is my wish that you feel inspired and uplifted by all the positive changes happening in our world.


I was part of a panel on the UPLIFT PODCAST.

Layla Martin is a tantric therapist and director of the film Your Vagina is More Beautiful Than You Think. It provoked some unexpected responses from UPLIFT readers when we featured it online. We ask Layla why she made the film. We also explore the evolving distinction between feminism and ‘the sisterhood’. Don’t they share the same goals?

Comedian Mandy Nolan, author Zenith Virago and UPLIFT writer Azriel Re’Shel tease out the issues with host Chip Richards. And Lauren Walsh, co-director of Unity Global Sisterhood, shares all the details you need, to take part in Global Sister Circles this International Women’s Day.

I was interviewed for the Happy Mama Podcast, on how to hold space for yourself. You can listen to the interview here.

How do we hold the space for everyone around us, when we aren’t holding space for ourselves? This is what mama of four, writer and yoga teacher Azriel Re’Shel asks in this episode of the Happy Mama Movement. When the world is asking so much of us, making sure we are nurturing ourselves and our own inner needs is a must.

Ep 15: How to Hold Space for Yourself with Azriel Re’Shel