Today I met a lovely Brazilian grandmother at our spectacular local swimming hole. She shared with me she was visiting Byron Bay to do an Ayurvedic Course. It turns out she had been very ill and turned to diet to heal herself and had found Ayurveda enormously helpful in her healing journey. She is now vibrantly healthy once more and is teaching Ayurvedic Cooking.

I’ve met several people over the past few months who have tapped into their own intuition, wisdom and healing powers and transformed their lives through following their own unique healing pathway. The transformations have not been small, they have been cases of healing from burnout to healing from cancer. Big journeys. These healing journeys have one thing in common, they’ve empowered the (mainly) women to find their purpose, unique gifts and themselves, in the process.

Talking to this charming grandmother, it struck me how every day more and more people are taking charge of their own health. People are becoming empowered and self responsible for their health and wellbeing, and finding their own solutions instead of following “experts.” They are returning home to themselves, to their own innate wisdom and knowing that is the pathway to healing themselves.  As a yoga and meditation teacher, I am always teaching people to connect with themselves, to connect with their true nature, their Divine essential nature, their Source.  When we do this, we find that all the answers we need are within us. This is not some trite statement, in fact it is a deep truth. We know what is best for us, we just need to earn to trust ourselves, trust our guidance and our inner wisdom.

Sometimes this is a bit of process, a practice, to commit to this daily connection with ourselves and our Source. But by learning to be in tune with your own body, your thoughts and feelings, you open up an enormous source of power and clarity in your life. You are able to know what is best for you and increase your personal power and strength as you gain confidence and see results in following your guidance.  Also you increase your happiness, as you are nourishing your essential nature.

Many years ago, I used Angel Cards and Tarot to help me get clear on what I needed in my life, what decisions I needed to make etc. It was amazing how accurate the cards were and how many repeat cards I would get until I had truly understood the message the cards were giving me. I found after some years of regular practice with cards and other divination tools, the guidance started to become more internal. In meditation, or quiet times, I would hear and know the answers to my questions. Also through writing down my questions, I would get answers. Now the problem for me was, trusting what I was getting and then following it!  I spent many years ignoring my guidance, going round in circles and not trusting myself. Also, I could easily lose this clarity and connection if I didn’t keep up my centring practices (yoga, dance and meditation) and work daily through any residual emotions. I would find myself in a place of confusion quite easily without this support. As I opened up to higher energies, I also opened up to more of my baggage that needing looking at. Despite having spent years and years of spiritual practices and workshops/studies on healing myself, there is always, always more!!!  I also discovered that this confusion often came from being too open to other people’s energies and I would need to clear my energy daily by going into nature or cutting ties and cleansing with visualizations, so that I could stay with my own centre. I needed to do a lot of work around boundaries and really look at the way I waste my energy. This is an ongoing journey for me. Being adopted amplifies both the lack of self trust, the openness to other people’s energies and the boundary issues, as well as emotional baggage.

Practices, especially journaling and meditation, are enormously helpful in leading you to clarity about your own healing pathway. The next step is to trust and take action. And to remember that it is a journey. Be kind to yourself, you are here to learn and grow, that is all!

You have a unique contribution to make on this planet. You are a vital piece in this enormous global puzzle. Your healing gift is necessary for the whole to flourish, and will come out of your own life journey and challenges. It is unique to your journey , your karma and personality. Finding this gift is the most amazing journey you will ever take, it will heal you and bring you great joy.


  • Create some sacred space and quiet time to consider these questions:
  • What holds me back the most in my life? (Eg. Health, self belief, sabotage, finances, family, relationship….)
  • What wounding in me has created this obstacle that is holding me back?
  • How can I heal this wounding?  What action do I need to take?