Got something to say but can’t seem to find the words?

Got a book in you, bursting to be expressed, and just need someone to hold your hand and coax it from you?

Or, perhaps you’ve already written thousands of words and are now all set to take the next step in refining your raw material into a published beauty…

I’m here for you!

I work with creative souls just like you, and can take you through every aspect of the artistic process, meeting you where you’re at right now.

I can support you to access your voice, start the creative flow, warmly advise you through the writing process, as well as help you to refine your message through editing and to find the confidence to get your words out into the world.

I offer professional Editing, Writing and Proofreading Services for writers and inspired businesses including promotional material, profiles, social media content, articles, web content and books.

I have both a professional writing background and an intuitive approach to writing, honed through a counselling background and studies in the healing arts, Psychology and Psychotherapy. I currently work as an editor and writer for a global positive media channel UPLIFT CONNECT, as well as write freelance articles for a range of publications.

My years of working in international Radio, TV and newspaper newsrooms have given me a sharp edge and I can get the point across clearly and concisely.

I love the meditative flow of words on a page, and the heartfelt communication of one soul to another. My childhood and teen years were spent immersed in books, piano keys and violin strings, and I instinctively feel the natural rhythm of words. Copyediting is about refining and bringing out the music I hear in the words. As I write or edit I help the essence of what you’re trying to communicate shine through.

I’d love to hear more about your writing project.

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“Thank you Azriel for your superb work in editing my book Inner Sky. I realise this was a challenging manuscript to edit, as it is filled with many advanced concepts using words that try to explain the unexplainable. Besides doing the important work of editing in the areas of grammar, syntax, spelling and punctuation, you really excelled in regards to refining the flow of the book and in the tightening of its content, helping me see where the original manuscript was getting bogged down and identifying content that was not clear and needed refining. Also thank you for understanding my needs for a quick turnaround of the editing process as my publisher was waiting for the manuscript. As a result of your keen eye and deep understanding of writing and editing, you have greatly enhanced this work and helped me achieve my goal in publishing this important book.”

Steven Layer


“As a first time author the process of having an editor read and offer feedback to your work can be a daunting one! Azriel made this a pleasurable process, with her writing experience, developmental and editing skills, plus genuine encouragement along the way. I am thrilled to have completed my book and highly recommend Azriel as an inspiring editor and writing coach.”

Anna Watts


“I highly recommend Azriel for all your editing needs. She edited my personal development and spiritually based book and has been such a great help. She offered me some really good advice about where I needed to flesh-out some of my material, which is really helping with the overall flow of my writing. The turn around time was great, she was very efficient and her rates are very reasonable. Azriel has a lot of integrity and I trusted her completely with my ‘(baby’) book. I really look forward to working with her on my next writing project.”

Claire Swinney


“As a first time writer, I needed an editor who was both professional and easy to work with. Azriel was a pleasure to work with. She offered good suggestions, while at the same time, respected my choices as the author. As a bonus, Azriel understood the spiritual content of my work, which made it so much easier for me. Many thanks to you Azriel, you gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my book.

Roslyn Gladman


“Wow Azriel, I am completely humbled by your truly beautiful profile of me. Wow, you have captured my passion, my background, and our products so beautifully – thank you, thank you.”

Tamara Miller



Private clients include: business profiles and web content for healers, yoga teachers, health experts and artists, psychotherapists, life coaches, entrepreneurs, accountants, clairvoyants, psychologists and inspirational authors.


“[Writing is] being able to take something whole and fiercely alive that exists inside you in some unknowable combination of thought, feeling, physicality, and spirit, and to then store it like a genie in tense, tiny black symbols on a calm white page.” – Mary Gaitskill